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I. The Trouble with Dignitatis Humanae—Error Masquerading as Right

This is the first of three papers on the Declaration on Religious Freedom of the Second Vatican Council.  more

II. The Trouble with Dignitatis HumanaeThe Dilemma

We address here the issue of how two contradictory Church documents, each apparently infallible, can be reconciled. more

III. The Trouble with Dignitatis HumanaeThe Devastation in Its Train

We list here the more grievous of the evils that have flowed from the errors in the Declaration on Religious Liberty.  more

IV. What Went Wrong with Vatican II

In 1998, Dr Ralph McInerny published a book bearing this title.  His approach limited the scope for criticism.  We show here what, indeed, it was that went wrong with the Council, and what is needed to cure the evils that have followed upon it.  more

V. Controversy in AD2000-What Authority has Vatican II?

This is our commentary on an exchange of views in the Australian journal AD2000 on the authority of Vatican II. more

VI. How to Regard Vatican II

A recent paper published on the rorate caeli website raises some interesting issues.  more

VII. Two Bishops

Professor Solomon relates a tale of recent past history which may interest our readers.  more

VIII. Why the Synod Reminds Us of the Second Vatican Council

The Synod seems to reflect much of modus operandi of the bishops of the Church 50 years ago.  more

IX. John XXIII and Veterum Sapientia

On 22nd February 1962, in the Apostolic Constitution, Veterum Sapientia, Bl. John XXIII wrote as follows:  "[I]t is necessary that the language the Church employs be not only universal but immutable.  For if the truths of the Catholic Church were to be handed on via one or other of more recent and malleable languages, no one of which is superior to another, the meaning of these truths, varied as they are, would not be manifest to everyone with sufficient clarity and precision.  There would, moreover, be no language which could serve as a common and constant norm by which to gauge the exact meaning of other renderings. But Latin is indeed such a language.  It is set and unchanging.  It has long since ceased to be affected by the alteration in meaning of words which is the inevitable concomitant of daily, popular use...  [T]he Catholic Church has a dignity far surpassing that of every merely human society, for it was founded by Christ the Lord.  It is altogether fitting, therefore, that the language it uses should be noble, majestic, and non-vernacular."

The wisdom of these observations and the directives the Apostolic Constitution contained were swamped by the indulgence in novelty which followed upon the Second Vatican Council.  Pope Benedict has stirred the Church's members to recognise the critical place that Latin plays in the Church's mission and liturgy.  It is timely, then, to resurrect this important Church document. more

X. From the Second Vatican Council to the Synod

Recently the Michael Davies Memorial Lecture was delivered by Roberto de Mattei. His lecture was entitled 'From the Second Vatican Council to the Synod: The Teaching of Michael Davies'. It confirms the views published on this website over the past decade - see 'Vatican II' in the menu or The lecture is reproduced here from the the Rorate Caeli website - more

XI. What Was The Synod For?

Here we offer an assessment of the results of the recent Synod on the Family. more

XII. Logic & Vatican II

A state of schism divides the Church’s members.  It is not the usual sort of schism, that denies the supremacy of the Pope.  This one has to do with the body of Catholic belief. more

XIII. It's the Council that's the Problem

Our commentary on Vatican II showing how Pope Francis’s conduct is bringing to a head the evils the Council initiated.  more

XIV. Fr Hunwicke on Vatican II & Dignitatis Humanae

This is a criticism of certain comments made by the well-respected English commentator, Fr John Hunwicke on his blogsite. more

XV. Amoris Laetitia a Logisal Consequence of Vatican II

The Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation, with its errors favouring individual conscience over objective principle, follows inevitably on the ethos of Vatican II. more

XVI. The Rot Began with John XXIII

Some reflections on the consequences that flowed from Pope John XXIII’s simple deviation from one element of the Church’s constant teaching.  more